Montenegro, Late installation of transmission lines as part of a submarine cable project

, SEE Energy News

On the Lastva – Čevo and Čevo – Pljevlja transmission lines, which are an integral part of the submarine cable between Montenegro and Italy, with a total length of 190 kilometers, 64 of the planned 680 poles have not been built.

According to the information adopted by the government in Podgorica on Thursday, the reason is unresolved property and legal relations and blockades of locals.

The realization of this project, which is at the top of the list of priority infrastructure projects, requires maximum interdepartmental cooperation at the government level as well as the support of all institutions involved in resolving disputed issues, the government document states.

One core of the submarine cable, with a capacity of 600 MW, was put into commercial use on December 28, 2019. The estimated capacity is almost twice as high and amounts to 1,000 MW.

That part of the project, along with the converter plant, worth 758 million euros, is the obligation of Italian Tema, and the transmission line and the Lastva substation, worth 113 million euros, should be financed by CGES.


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