Montenegro: Maljevac landfill recultivation tender

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The environmental reconstruction project of Montenegrin Maljevac landfill includes the construction of the desulphurization system, denitrification system, enhancement of ESP operation as well as development of the waste water treatment system.

Montenegrin state-owned power utility EPCG launched a tender for the continuation of works on the reculativation of Maljevac landfill.

EPCG CEO Nikola Rovcanin explained that the estimated value of the works is 895,000 euros, without VAT. The works represent the continuation of works on the use of cassette III, as defined by the main project. He said that this is the continuation of works launched in 2019 and will ensure the safe disposal of byproducts of nearby coal-fired thermal power plant Pljevlja.

In September 2019, EPCG launched a project for the recultivation of ash and slag landfill Maljevac near TPP Pljevlja, in which it will invest 20 million euros. The company said that it expects that the recultivation project will be completed by 2023, approximately the same time when environmentally oriented reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja should be completed. In June 2020, EPCG signed a contract for the reconstruction of coal-based thermal power plant Pljevlja with a consortium led by Chinese Dongfang Electric Company (DEC). The consortium consists of Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC), Bemax, BB Solar and Permonte and the deadline for the completion of works is 39 months for the date of signing the contract. The selected consortium offer to perform the reconstruction for around 54.4 million euros including VAT.