Montenegro: Mozura wind farm to produce 111 GWh of electricity in 2020

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According to Energy Balance for 2020, electricity generation of Mozura wind farm, the second Montenegrin wind farm which was officially commissioned in mid-November, is planned in the amount of 111 GWh. 46 MW Mozura wind farm was in trial operation until 15 November, when it obtained operational license. Given the fact, that most of 2019, the facility was in trial operation, it produced 103.6 GWh of electricity, which is 92.67 % of planned production for 2019.

Regarding wind farm Krnovo, which was commissioned in late 2017, it is planned that it will produce a total of 201 GWh of electricity in 2020, which is 1.28 % less compared to this year’s estimated production. In 2018, Krnovo wind farm achieved 92.78 % of planned production, while in 2019 it exceeded planned production by 1.29 %.