Montenegro: New 2030 energy strategy plans and implications, the strategy in the hands of lobby groups claim NGOs

19. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

Montenegro predicts investments in the energy sector of incredible 3.2 billion euros by the 2030th, and each realized investment will mean an increase of bills for  household electricity  – was stated by MANS representative at recent closing public hearing and discussion about the strategy of energy development Montenegro.

-Such a high percentage of investment is proclaimed because of local tycoons interest, and not because citizens. I claim it because that cost will be added to our bills – said Mrdovic from MANS.

She said that it was unacceptable that in the document to Regulatory Energy Agency it was suggested to project the return rates of investment depending on the investors’ interests.

-Renewable energy from the initially projected 29 percent increased to 33 percent, which includes the construction of many small hydro power plants, which are converted into larger. Someone seems to have brought voluntarily the energy policy and determined the percentage. The strategy by itself can not convince us that we will benefit from that huge electricity export and it is absurd not to consider new economic parameters – pointed MRDOVIĆ.

Deputy minister of Economy, Miodrag Čanović, said that the strategy was developed with the support of the EU delegation in Montenegro, namely experts from Denmark, Greece and Norway.

A representative of the NVO Green Home, Natasa Kovacevic believes that the draft of strategy is a proof that the government has no intention to introduce innovative and sustainable solutions in energy, but only represents the interests of the energy lobby.

-The strategy analyzes the total socio-economic consequences only for the individual, favored projects and does not ensure credibility. The primary focus of the reference scenario is related with the fossil fuel and large hydroelectric power plants, which will have large damaging effects on the environment and the health of our citizens – said Kovacevic.

The representative of the consultants for drafting the strategy, Mladen Zeljko said that the document was  not perfect and that deficiencies could  be corrected even after adoption.

-The strategy is important for the planning of energy policy in Montenegro and that investors know what to expect. It brings every ten years, and must be modified. The priority is to ensure security of supply in Montenegro, as well as the competitiveness of the energy market and further development of the sector. The main objective is a hundred percent energy self-sufficiency and maximum use of renewable resources – explained Zeljko.

The roundtable in Podgorica was preceded by discussions in Budva and  Pljevlje.

CAP used as excuse

Natasa Kovacevic concluded that the development of energy was based on unrealistic assumptions about the work of KAP and Steel Plant with full capacity by 2030, which gave an unrealistic assessment of energy needs.

-The fact is that, until now, these two consumers spent up to 48 percent of the total energy, but now their survival is questionable. This shows that the consumption projections are set on unrealistic base – Kovacevic said.

Source;MNE Gov/Agencies/Serbia Energy See desk

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