Montenegro: New electricity prices as of 1 January

, SEE Energy News

Montenegrin Energy Regulatory Agency (RAE) said that new electricity prices, which should come in effect as of 1 January 2020, will be announced no later than 15 December.

RAE said that electricity transmission system operator CGES, electricity distribution system operator CEDIS and electricity market operator COTEE have already submitted requests for allowed revenues in the next regulatory period, which should last until 2022. RAE will review these requests by mid-November, and after the supplier EPCG submits their price, the final price of electricity for households and small businesses will be known in mid-December.

In February, EPCG announced that the price of electricity for households and small businesses will be increased between 2.9 and 6 %, depending on the tariff package chosen by the customer. By introducing different tariff packages of electricity supply the company stimulates energy efficiency and offers to customers more flexible options regarding their consumption. Blue tariff stipulates two different rates – daily and nightly, while red tariff has the same rate for an entire day. On the contrary, green tariff guarantees the supply of electricity produced by renewable energy sources, which is by 0.2 euros/kWh more expensive.

Electricity prices for households and small businesses in Montenegro depend solely on freely formed supplier price within regulatory defined limits related to the price of electricity on the Hungarian exchange HUPX.