Montenegro: New hydro power plant in Kolasin municipality

25. April 2012. / Uncategorized


Economy minister in Montenegro Government, Mr.Vladimir Kavaric signed the contract on concession based on the energy permit for construction of hydro power plant Rastak, municipality of Kolasin. Investor Kol Energy was represented by Martin Kolesar.

Kol energy ltd, joint venture and private public partnership company of Kolasin municipality and Slovakian company Salix Energy Bratislava was approved the concession of part of the river Rastak for period of 30 years. The concession starts at the moment of issuing the space urban plans and technical documentation.

During the exploitation period of the concession the contract has concession fee of 6,1% of annual planed electricity production. In accordance with submitted bid the concessioner is planning to construct small hydro power plant with net output power of 624Kwh and with annual production of 2,496Gwh. Esimated value of investment is 1,16 mil euros.


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