Montenegro: New Pljevlja TPP Unit construction project, bidders invited to submit obligatory offers and provide credit mechanism for 85% of the project value

5. August 2013. / SEE Energy News

Montenegrin Power Utility company, partially owned by Italian A2A company, called all interested investors for the construction of the second block of TPP Pljevlja to deliver final offer and required documentation by the end of September in order to define basic conditions. EPCG stated that offers will be evaluated according to the criterion’s of the best ratio of technical-ecological, commercial suggestions and minimum of total risks of this project realization.

“EPCG has held meetings during July and reconsider preliminary offers from the companies and potential investors. Preliminary offers and project performances are satisfying according to basic economic-technical analysis that offer for construction of the second block is based on, they are also satisfying in accordance with ideological project”, it was messaged from EPCG.

Seven companies and consortium’s showed interest for the project. Polish Consortium consisted of companies Pol-Mot, Alstom, Foster Wheeler, Czech Skoda Praha, China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) i China Gezouba Group International Engineering Company (CGGC). Interest for construction of the second block was also shown by Slovakian Consortium consisted of Istroenergo Group IEG and SES Tlmace, then Powerchina Hubei Electric Power Survey & Design Institute and China Nationally Electric Engineering Co (CNEEC).

EPCG intends to construct this facility that will be from 220 to 300 MW strong on the location of existing first block.

Decision of EPCG is that the best bidder should be chosen without tender procedure while project would be realized within international contract.

“Obligation of the bidder would be to provide credit assets from 75 to 85% of totally required assets for project realization or to offer an option of common investment”, it was explained from EPCG.

The new block will suit the most demanding conditions of modern technology and environmental protection, according to the rules in EU and Montenegro. Net energy efficiency of the TPP’s second block can’t be lower than 38% while project predicts obligating heating station for protection of remote heating of Pljevlje.

“This way will significantly decrease air pollution from individual fire pits that are the biggest pollutants of central part of the town” it is stated in an announcement from EPCG.

This company explained that decision i.e. appropriate law that would follow the investment should be made in the meantime. Pre-condition of investment is also joining Pljevlje’s Mine to TPP because long term electricity supply and production continuity would be provided this way.

-The construction of the second block would accomplish a strategic goal in energy i.e. energy independence of the state would be provided. Current electricity deficit would be eliminated, safety of supply would be improved, stability and sustainability of energy system would be improved also- it is said in the statement.


Source; Serbia Energy See desk/EPCG

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