Montenegro: New TPP Pljevlja China CMEC vs Skoda Praha, offers revealed

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Skoda Praha wants to build a second unit of TPP Pljevlja with power output of 254 MW of electricity with an efficiency of 39.5 percent at a cost of 338.5 MEUR, and China Machinery Engineering Corporation CMEC is ready for construction of Unit II of 250 MW with an efficiency of 39 percent at a cost of 326 MEUR, according to the two companies offers.

Commission for opening bids for the construction of second unit of TPP Pljevlja has opened today final offers of companies Skoda Praha and China Machinery Engineering Corporation CMEC.

“Both companies have submitted a draft contract proposal and final offers state that the project performance are in accordance with defined preliminary design and ready to provide favorable loan funds in the amount of 85 percent of the total required, with the technical and ecological rehabilitation of the existing unit in the value of 20 MEUR”, it was announced in the Electric Power Industry of Montenegro EPCG.

Potential partners state that the new unit will meet all the most demanding conditions of modern technology BAT, good practices of European countries and environmental protection according to all EU directives.

Commission for bids evaluation of Unit II project will analyze in the future in detail received financial and technical offers on the basis of which, it will submit a final proposal on the best bidder choice by the end of April to the Board of EPCG Directors.

In EPCG recall that the Development Plan provides that the Unit II of TPP Pljevlja has strength in the range of 220-300MW, at the location of the existing unit TPP Pljevlja I, with electrical efficiency of not less than 38 percent while the project provides the required thermal station for providing energy for district heating of Pljevlja.

“The construction of Unit II would contribute to the strategic objective in the energy sector in Montenegro – supporting electric power independence of the state, improving the supply security of consumers, and also improving the stability and sustainability of the power system of Montenegro, and our country would be positioned as an electricity exporter of”, conclude in EPCG.

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