Montenegro: New TPP Pljevlja II unit, Czeck Skoda and Polish Rafako vs China Machinery Engineering and Gezhouba Group

6. May 2013. / SEE Energy News


Czech Company “Skoda Praha” has delivered technically the best offer for complete equipment of Montenegrin TPP Pljevlja II. Leading economy daily newspaper in Czech Republic reports, in the main articles of “Foreign investments”, that Czechs’ most serious competitors are the Chinese”.

Text “Skoda Praha expects construction worth 8 billion euros” was published in the main text and contains a quote statement of Montenegrin Government’s President Milo Djukanovic that the biggest interest of investors is for Montenegrin Energy Sector. Economy newspaper states that Polish RAFACO and Slovakian IEG are interested for TPP Pljevlja II together with Czechs, next to Power China, China Machinery Engineering and Gezhouba Group, as well as China National Equipment.

Montenegrin officials have not declared about the offers yet, but leading economy newspaper in Czech Republic writes that it has confidential information about “technical superiority of Czech offer”. Therefore, negotiations about banks, financing projects and risks are in progress for a very long time. Directors of Skoda Praha Daniel Jiricka, Director of Czech Export Bank (CEB) Martin Frelih and Director of Export Guarantee and Insurance Company (EGAP) Jan Prohaska confirmed this.

Economy newspaper states in an extended article on the home page that Chinese solutions of TPPs are characterized with lower efficiency but it is possible that the Chinese will offer more money.

Chairman of EGAP, the company which finances Czech projects abroad, says that the offer is already decreased to minimum, but that the problem is that Montenegro is in the seventh group characterized by economical and political risk according to estimations of Organization for Economy Cooperation and Development (OECD). Prohaska adds that Czechs can offer insurance expenses of 8 or 9 percent but that the Chinese can have dumping price and offer of 6 percent.

Economy newspaper quoted Pobjeda and wrote about the details of the Chinese offer and about the facts that Montenegrin and Chinese Officials had signed a memorandum for understanding. It is especially underlined the attitude of Chinese Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao, in Warsaw a year ago about China which wants to invest ten billion dollars in Central and East Europe. “This can enforce Chinese offer additionally”- Economy newspaper estimates.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Agencies

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