Montenegro; New TPP Pljevlja unit project, possible difference in the offered project price from 10 to 15 MEUR

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When the companies from the China, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland showed their interest for the TPP construction in Pljevlje, according to the unofficial information, mostly were mentioned amounts of about 300 MEUR. Interest in the project showed several consortiums and companies and they are  Skoda Praha from the Czech Republic, consortium from  Poland (POL-MOT, Alstom, Foster Weller)), a consortium from Slovakia (Istroenergo Group Slovakia SES -Tlmace), and Chinese: China Machinery and Engineering Corporation (CMEC), China Gezoba group (CGGC),  Power China and  Design Institute and China National Electric engineering (CNEEC).

The difference is between 10 and 15 MEUR, although all companies did not precise the amount for the power plant construction. According to the EPCG, the bidder obligation is to provide loan of 75 to 85 percent of the total project needs or to offer the option of joint investment in a certain percentage with the project financing.

Representatives of the Czech company Skoda Praha clearly stated that they count that the project could cost 307 MEUR. Chinese bids are cheaper, but apparently worse in the ecological sense according to the energy efficiency.

Skoda Praha is a traditional contractor of Czech Power Utility Company (CEZ) for power plants construction and works on turnkey model. From CEZ it was announced that they were not involved in the project for which Skoda showed interest.

CEZ was interested in buying thermal power plant, which is owned by EPCG and the minority state share in the coal mine. At the General Meeting proposal and the opposition and SDP, Government canceled the tender for the TPP and ended negotiations on the sale with Russian En Plus Group in June 2007.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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