Montenegro: NGO files charges against Energy regulator for electricity price increase decision, new prices in favor of Italian A2A and Terna

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Citizens’ group from Network for non-governmental sector affirmation (MANS) submitted prosecutions to the Administrative Court for overthrow the latest decisions of Regulatory Agency for Energy (RAE) about  proceedings approval to the companies for electricity price increase.

From MANS stated that through those decisions RAE arbitrary and with blanket statement  determined permitted amount to energy subjects, without valid explication, what was, as stated, practice continuation to increase electricity price in favor of Montenegro Power Utility Company(EPCG) and Montenegro Electro Transmitted System(CGES), and on the consumer damage.

MANS claims that all earlier decisions of RAE were already annulled in front of Administrative Court, and that this  institution showed as constant perpetrator of lows and states regulations, by what  it was declaredly  put in service of profit interest of Italian partners A2A and Terna, which manage by EPCG and CGES”, states in press release.

Citizens’ group from MANS thinks that contracts on electricity import and export and conditions under which EPCG provided energy are still unknown for Montenegro publicity mostly because of RAE.

“MANS indicated earlier that EPCG management almost never on time signed favorable contacts about medium term electricity supply, but mostly supplied in the months when it was the most expensive”, it is added in press release.

Electricity price is, as added, one of the important cost items. From MANS said that their recently data  showed that in the last few years, half of the amount which EPCG paid for the import, went to the companies of main regional traders, EFT and Rudnap against whom in Serbia were submitted criminal charges  because of corruption in import and export of electricity.

“MANS also revealed that energy companies did not even realize those investments that citizens were paid through their electricity bills in the last year. Even more, EPCG presented regular maintaining works as investments, for what RAE improved special income, which additionally increased electricity bill”, said from MANS.

The most recent electricity increase, as they reminded, is third for the last year and a half and it will represent hard attack on standard of impoverished citizens, to which already was introduced obligation of taxes paying euro for euro, frozen pensions, introduced crisis salaries tax, increased value added tax ( VAT).

On the other side during year and a half it has been provided to Aluminum Combine Podgorica (KAP) to use electricity over our bill, and not to pay even a cent. RAE actively participated in KAP electricity supply, so first illegally issued license to Montenegro bonus in order to provide electricity for the factory, while from the first day was informed of electricity robbery from European interconnection, but nothing did to prevent it”, state from MANS.

Citizens’ group from MANS thinks that activities of RAE authorities, which have salaries and benefits among the biggest in the state, for long time is in the zone of politic and criminal responsibility.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/MANS