Montenegro: NGOs starting regional municipal petition against Brodarevo HPPs

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Collecting the signatures from citizens that are against the HPPs’ construction in Brodarevo started on 20th february- it was reported from NGO Euromost. Brodarevo HPPs are the investment project of Canadian REV company which faces opposition in both Serbia and Montenegro.

The organizers of the petition signatures collecting are activists from Euromost and NGOs from Bijelo Polje Democracy Center and Bijelo Polje Association.

“Signatures will be delivered to Bijelo Polje President of Municipality Board so this problem can be discussed on local Parliament and local administration can get involved in this problem solving” it is said in the statement.

President of Bjelo Polje NGO Association, Ugljesa Prebiracevic, said that NGO did many activities in order to stop construction of these objects on Lim.

“We are trying to explain citizens what kind of problems are possible with this construction. Citizens’ representatives, committee members in local parliament, should discuss about this subject from now on. Political parties from Bijelo Polje should declare about this question and local government as legal representative should explain the consequences of these damns’ construction to citizens”, he said.

According to Prebiracevic’s words, the citizens’ interest is already large what indicates that citizens are already introduced to consequences of the construction.

“We plan to collect over a thousand signatures in these two days, despite the fact that we need much less to begin a discussion about this problem in Bijelo Polje Parliament because we want to give a clear signal together with citizens that those we have chosen for certain positions and those we pay to do their work should concern little more about citizens and the town”, he said.

Coordination Board has already made the decision for the protest organization in Kumanica and the have already gotten the support from large number of citizens.

Prebiracevic called everyone interested to come to Kumanica on 15 March to fight for Lim River together.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/ RTCG