Montenegro; Overview of power utility company investment cycle with new owner A2A

29. August 2013. / SEE Energy News

State power utility company EPCG, partially owned and managed by A2A, celebrates 103. birthday in an atmosphere of extraordinary production results from the end of last year and early this year, several new distribution substations that contributed to the more stable and quality customers supply by electricity and significantly improved measuring system of consumed electric energy.
First half of the year was marked by daily and monthly production record of hydropower facilities. So HPP “Perucica” made an absolute record in March, and in April the best monthly record ever. From 27th March HPP “Piva” recorded a maximum daily production of 8,155 MWh. Not is even a small contribution of the TPP “Pljevlja”. This says enough about the excellent operational availability of EPCG plants. Otherwise, in the first half of 2013, the EPCG produced 2,281.8 GWh, 41.4 percent more than planned.
EPCG invested into several newly constructed substations 35/10 kV “Skaljari” in Kotor, “Podgorica 5”, “Rosino” in Budva, also a new substation in Danilovgrad. EPCG therefore increased capacities and enabled the connection of new customers to the distribution network, improved technical standards and voltage conditions, reduced losses, but also increased the reliability and security of supply, namely we reduced outage time status of customers.
As a reminder, the electricity in Montenegro is distributed through 4573 substations of different voltage transformation (110/10 kV, 35/10 kV, 10/0, 4 kV) and different strength, and more than 20 thousand kilometers of aerial cables of different voltages, on which most of our customers are directly connected.
EPCG invested also in smart meters modernization system, measuring system of consumed electricity in the Montenegro distribution is fairly renewed. At the nearly 120,000 measuring points were installed electronic meters of the latest generation, of which more than 69,000 new meters were installed in the central region, 40,000 in the south and over 12,000 in the north of the country.
The Power Utility Company of Montenegro has approximately 360 thousand customers. Where are the investments, there is a development that contributes to a better quality of life, so by improving the energy system the EPCG will also strive to meet the customers’ demands and provide better and more advanced services in the future stated from EPCG.

Source; Serbia Energy SEE desk

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