Montenegro: Pljevlja coal mine can supply new TPP Pljevlja unit for 50 years

6. August 2013. / SEE Energy News

Main engineer of coal mine, Radmilo Maric said that this ore reserves in Pljevlja basin could provide continuously work of second unit of Thermal power plant for the period of 50 years. Montenegro government is expecting final financial offers from strategic investors interested in constructing the second unit of Pljevlja TPP.

“Potential of 200 million of coal is confirmed with precise geological investigations, so the opening of second unit of Thermal power plant Pljevlja is realistic option for stable operating of electro energetic system. In the mine behind us there are 40 million tons of exploitation reserves. Supply of second unit would meant production expansion, what required investment in refreshing of basic and auxiliary mining mechanization, and also of coal processing facilities”, said Maric.

As he specified, four to five thousand tons it is supplied to thermal power plant per day.

̶ Annual tailing production, or marl production is about five million of firm cubic meters ̶  3,5 million tons it is displaced  on the exterior landfill Jagnjilo, while other 1,5 million it is displaced on the interior landfill ̶  said Maric.

With this year production plan for TPP Pljevlja it was planned transmit of 1,8 million tons, and until today it was transmitted about 800 thousand tons.

̶ We expect that plan would be completed and that planned amount would be transmitted by the end of the year̶ said Maric.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Pljevlja coal mine

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