Montenegro: Pljevlja coal mine has sufficient reserves for new TPP unit

, SEE Energy News

Coal mine is ready to supply both blocks of TPP Pljevlja with coal- Director Board President of the company from Pljevlja, Zoran Gospic, said and added that projections for required amounts depend on the second block investor.

-Our obligation is to make assumptions about combination of several sites according to dynamics of the second block and to provide enough coal amounts for both blocks with these new researches, balances and concession issuances- Gospic stated to Portal Analitika and added that the construction of railway branch to Bijelo Polje is primary in order to connect Pljevlja basin with railways and Bar Port.

According to approximate projections, 60 million EUR is required for the opening of the new site. Coal mine exploited 63 million tons of coal by the end of 2012 and the reservoirs in Pljevlja municipality amount 191 million tons based on research. 1,91 million tons of coal production is planned for this year where 1,8 million tons is intended for TPP Pljevlja.

Source;Serbia Energy SEE Desk/ Dan online