Montenegro: Pljevlja will earn 6 billion EUR by coal mining

, SEE Energy News

Pljevlja, Montenegrin town on the border with Serbia, will earn 6 billion EUR by coal mining; it was released from the Coal mine in that city.

Only five new coal basins will bring more than 2 billion EUR to the state, according to the survey report of mineral resources in Pljevlja, delivered to Montenegrin media.

The survey, conducted by engineers of Pljevlja coal mine, showed a large reserve of mineral resources, metals and non-metals, and hydropower potential.

Coal mine has a concession to coal exploration and exploitation in Pljevlja basin (Potrlica, Kalusici, Rabitlje, Grevo, and Komini) and deposit Glisnica where there is a total of about 80 million tons of coal, which is about 2.03 billion EUR at the current price of coal quality, according to the study.

-Besides Basin of Pljevlja, we also have Maocki coal basin with reserves of 110 million tons of coal – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coal Mine Pljevlja, Zoran Gospic.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk