Montenegro: Power market and electricity, EU prices impact on households prices

, SEE Energy News

Electricity for households with two-tariff meter, which are the most numerous in Montenegro, from the 1th August will be increased by 2.38 percent. This is the third increase in a year and the kilowatt-hour price will be increased from 8.13 eurocents to 8.32, namely 9.9 eurocents with VAT. From the Energy Regulatory Agency announced that the average price increase for all consumers, instead of the previously projected 5.2 percent, from the next month will amount 1.36 percent.

Electricity for distributive consumers at 35 and 10 kilovolt network, among which are included Luka Bar, Porto Montenegro, waterworks and mines, will be cheaper by 2.4 to 3.3 percent compared to the previous price. In Montenegro from the 17th July more expensive is also euro diesel. New increases also ensued after the VAT increase. In the last year to the citizens also was introduced a tax of one euro to phone cards, meters for electricity and cable TV, while salaries are stagnated, delayed or reduced, and those above 480 euros are burdened with additional taxes. In addition, pensions are not adjusted with inflation, namely they are frozen.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/MENA

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