Montenegro: Power utility EPCG, production results in 2014 volatile and decreased

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Operational results of production facilities of “Electric Power Industry of Montenegro”, power utility EPCG is managed by Italian A2A, in 2014, more precisely from 1 January 2014 to 1 January 2015, were almost at the level expected and planned by that year’s balance. Namely, last year’s production was slightly below planned, despite all the huge and timely performed necessary preparatory work, regular maintenance and reconstruction of the plants.

According to the words of acting director of FC Production and director of Directorate for business and technical development Roberto Castellano, the energy balance for 2014 EPCG has planned the production of 3.108.000 MWh, and the production was 3,036,398 MWh, which is 98 percent of the production planned by the energy balance. Castellano pointed out that these are the cumulative data, that is to say the results of the production facilities together with facilities of Zeta Energy, i.e. power plants Glava Zete and Slap Zete.

Castellano points out that the annual production of HPP “Perućica” was 8 percent higher than planned, namely production was 1,006,682 MWh of electricity, and the plan predicted 932,000 MWh.

HPP “Piva” has achieved the production of 679,338 MWh, which is 91 percent of the amount planned by the energy balance, which was 749,000 MWh.

In the energy balance for 2014, TPP “Pljevlja” planned the production of 749,000 MWh of electricity, while the realized production was 679,338 MWh, which is 91 percent of the planned amount. The production in small hydro power plants (Rijeka Mušovića, Rijeka Crnojevića, Podgor, Šavnik and Lijeva Rijeka) in the last year was 21 percent higher than planned in the energy balance and amounted to 6, 630 MWh of electricity.

Power plants Glava Zete and Slap Zete achieved the production of 21,687 MWh of energy, which is 40 percent more than the annual production planned by the energy balance for 2014.

The planned electricity consumption in 2014 was 2.688.537MWh, and realized consumption was 2.615.980MWh, including the losses in the distribution and transmission network. When it comes to direct consumers, out of 57.237MWh of planned consumption of electricity, the realized consumption was 43.959MWh.

In the Energy balance for 2015, which was adopted at the session of the Government of Montenegro held in mid-December last year, the planned production of EPCG and Zeta Energy is 3.159.000 MWh of electricity, which is nearly 2 percent more compared to the planned production by the energy balance in the previous year 2014.

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