Montenegro: Privileged producer status for SHPP Bukovica

, SEE Energy News

Small hydro-power plant Bukovica is located in Kolasin municipality. The Energy Regulatory Agency awarded the status of a privileged electricity producer to local company Power AB Group, the operator of small hydropower plant (SHPP) Bukovica. The status of privileged producer has been granted for a period of 12 years. The facility will receive incentives in the amount valid before 20 February 2018.

A total of 21 SHPPs obtained a status of privileged electricity producer in Montenegro. SHPPs in Berane municipality: Jezerstica, Bistrica, Orah, Rmus, Spaljevici, Sekular and Jelovica 2 are owned and operated by Hidroenergija Montenegro. SHPPs Bradavec and Pisevska Rijeka in Andrijevica municipality are owned by Igma Energy, while SHPP Vrelo in Bijelo Polje municipality is owned by Sigma Energy.

Kronor operates two SHPPs in Plav municipality: Jara and Babino Polje, while Hydro Bistrica operates SHPP Bistrica-Majstorovina in Bijelo Polje. Nord Energy operates SHPP Seremet Potok and Simes Inzenjering owns SHPP Lijevak.

The newest additions to RES support scheme are SHPPs Kutska 1 and 2, SHPPs Mojanska 1, 2 and 3 and SHPP Bistrica Lipovska.

Besides SHPPs, both Montenegrin wind farms – Krnovo and Mozura receive incentives for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. Two small-scale solar power plants are also within the RES support scheme.