Montenegro: Privileged producer status for SPP in Podgorica

, SEE Energy News

The Podgorica-based company Alliance was granted the status of a privileged producer of electricity for the solar power plant of the same name. Montenegrin Energy Regulatory Agency (RAE) granted this status. The company is entitled to incentives that were valid on April 9 this year. The status is valid for 12 years.

Currently, three other solar power plant operators in Montenegro have the status of a privileged electricity producer: Invicta and DG from Danilovgrad and Bar-Kod from Podgorica.

RAE also granted the status of privileged producer to small hydropower plant Paljevinska, owned and operated by Kolasin-based Viridi Progressum. The status is valid for 12 years and it will receive incentives valid on 24 December 2018.

A total of 21 SHPPs obtained a status of privileged electricity producer in Montenegro. Besides SHPPs, both Montenegrin wind farms – Krnovo and Mozura receive incentives for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.