Montenegro: Regulator declined the right to NGO association for A2A & state owned energy company business plan analysis, investors assets and electricity trading in focus

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Regulatory Energy Agency (RAE) rejected a request of Affirmation Network of Nongovernmental Sector (MANS) for Montenegro power state company EPCG’s business plan covering details 2012- 2016, also RAE refused public insight in the contract for purchase and sale of electricity made with Montenegrobonus Company.

An extract from these documents, from last year until 2015 for functional units Distribution and Supply where required documents are included, is published on the regulatory agency’s website – it is stated  in the decision solution of RAE which rejects MANS’s demand for insight into to the EPCG’s business plan. Required documents are related to the activities which RAE determines for regulatory approved period.

“Data in procedure of approving regulatory income for period from 1 August last year until 31 July 2015 and data like in business plan are contained in extracts”, it is stated in the decision of RAE.

RAE used only parts of Business Plan that refers on activities determined by prices and tariffs it regulates and those are Distribution and Supply areas – RAE’s representatives stated.

“Other parts of Business Plan which is asked from RAE by request are related to activities that regulator doesn’t regulate”- it was said from RAE.

The decision from March provided to MANS an insight to all information it asked for, under all points of demand except for part where “confidential document” was required i.e. business plan of EPCG for period from last year until 2016.

Regulator rejected request from MANS for insight into the electricity purchase and sale contract that EPCG and Montenegrobonus from Cetinje concluded on 28 September last year.

Montenegrobonus has supplied Aluminum Company with electricity since 1 October when the contract between KAP and EPCG expired until the end of last year. This obligation has been taken over by Montenegrin transmission system (CGES).

Source; Serbia Energy See desk