Montenegro: Report on consumption and the state of electricity supply

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Situation in the supply of Montenegrin consumers with electricity from technical angle is significantly better than in the last two days and is getting better from hour to hour, because large amount of damages on the network was fixed.

Currently, in Montenegro, 99% of consumers have regular electricity supply. All cities in Montenegro currently have normal supply except for one part of village areas.

Teams of EPCG are on the field day and night and are trying, as soon as possible and in extremely difficult weather situation, to remove the damages. So, from the last report, in 15h today, when 10000 consumers were without electricity supply, that number was reduced to 3000 households. Regular supply in the meanwhile got Zupa in municipality Niksic, Drenostica, and area Golija. Electricity got Bioce and Ubli, as well as 500 households in Katunska nahija. Electricity also got villages Orahovo and Braceni in municipality Bar.

In the first 20 hours of February 13th, average consumption for the entire Montenegro was 542MW/h, which is, compared to yesterday, 3,5% less, or 11,1% less than in Friday. We can say that our pleas for rational consumption of electricity are partially working, because the consumption is getting lower, so for weekend we saved a half of necessary daily import