Montenegro: Seven mini hydro powers are building up in Pljevlja

, SEE Energy News

Pljevlja could soon be richer by seven small hydro powers- a conceptual design for their building on the river  Cehotina was done by the company form Sarajevo” Extrem Engineering”, and the total investment is estimated at 337 million euros.

“Based on the so far performed analysis, there are the two most suitable locations that stand out for the construction of power plants , which is proceeded  in the national energy strategy. The construction HPP and HPP Mekote Gradac is foreseen with a technical potential of 136 GWh , while in the second option envisages the construction of HPP Gradac and HPP Milovci , where the technical potential is  between 212 gigawatt hours and 218 gigawatt hours, said precisely in the statement  for Dnevne novine Zoran Gospic President of the Board of Directors of the Coal Mine.

He pointed out that on the dam Durutovići , which was built by the Coal mine for the relocation of the riverbed Cehotina, having all preliminary conditions provided to erect a small hydropower plant in its  original riverbed before relocation, what was a binding responsibility of Coal mine after coal exploitation.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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