Montenegro: Siemens builds a 22MEUR substation for TSO company

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The company Siemens will build a substation of 400/110/35 kV with a value of 22 million euros in LASTVA Grbaljska. The completion of project is to be realized by the turnkey solution, and the investor is Montenegrin transmission system

Project Manager from Siemens Paul Kofler and coordinator for the construction works at the company, Sasa Knezevic said to representatives of the Municipality of Kotor, that the Montenegrin companies will participated in the construction of the substation.

Deputy Mayor Branko Nedović said that the participating of Montenegrin companies would be paid about 40 percent of the 22 million euros, which is the original budget of the project.

Montenegrin companies will participate in the preparation, construction, in some of the equipment installation, as well as in geological research and design, Nedovic explained.

It is planned start date of construction works in November, at which time the project will be reviewed and building permits should be approved.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk