Montenegro: Small HPPs tender, bidders from Austria-Slovenia-Czech

, SEE Energy News

Public announcement for the granting of concessions for the construction of small hydro power plants, published by the Ministry of Economy, received 10 bids from 8 bidders. Beside local companies, bidders from Austria, Slovenia and Czech Republic.

Bids were submitted by the consortium Plav Hydro Power Kosovo, Atlas Invest from Podgorica who submitted three bids, Hydro Kaludarska and Hydro Vrbnica from the Czech Republic, Ljubljana Interenergo, Energie Zotter Bau GmbH and Co.Ka from Austria, as well as Hydro Bistrica from Podgorica. Also, the company Hydro Montenegro from Berane submitted the bid, which has previously receiving similar concessions.

The subject of the concession is the design, construction, operation and maintenance of small hydropower plants in waterways Bukovica, Bijela, Bistrica – affluent of Ljubovic, Krastica, Velicka river, Djuricka with its tributaries, Kaludarska and Vrbnica in municipalities Savnik, Bijelo Polje, Andrejevica, Plav, Berane and Plužine.

“In the following procedure, bids are evaluated and ranked based on criteria for the best bid. Criteria are experience in the management of hydropower facilities, financial capability, technical solution, small hydro installed capacity, annual generation, experience in the local market, multi-purpose solutions”, the Ministry said in a statement after the bid opening.

It was stated that the election of the most favorable offer is expected after reviewing and ranking list  will be compied for each watercourse individually.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk