Montenegro: State owned power trader obliged to return stolen MW to EU Interconnection system

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Montenegrobonus, state owned power trading company which imports electricity and oil, will begin to turn back 60 thousand MWHs overtaken during winter season to European Interconnection of electricity in cooperation with Power utility company EPCG and Aluminum Combine from 1 October.

It is stated in the report from Energy Regulatory Agency for control of energy subjects that the problem of unofficial electricity overtaking from interconnection is solved due to Cetinje’s Company Montenegrobonus that overtook the obligation of its return.

Montenegrobonus has taken over a responsibility of return of electricity overtaken during summer season in arrangement with EPCG and KAP and it supposes to be by the end of July and electricity overtaken during winter season from 1 October. That represents a significant improvement with the reference to the condition determined by former control- it is stated in an announcement from RAE.

RAE controlled work and administration of Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System on 17 July. Representatives of this company explained that Montenegrobonus is obligated to regulate services of compensation program toward interconnection by Government’s decision.

-CGES found out that Montenegrobonus accomplishes all obligations and that it returned 50 thousand of MWHs of 70 thousand MWHs so far and that the complete loan will be returned by the end of July- it is stated in the report.

When it comes to return of electricity overtaken in winter season, this obligation will be paid by Montenegrobonus in cooperation with EPCG and KAP, according to CGES’s knowledge so 60 thousand MWH debt will begin to return from the 1st October.

Next to CGES, RAE has also controlled work of Montenegrin Electricity Market Operator and concluded that unpaid purchases are big problem in business of this corporation.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/MNE RAE