Montenegro, Subsidies to privileged producers EUR 5.46 million in 2022.

, SEE Energy News

Privileged producers in Montenegro earned 42.43 million euros last year for electricity produced from renewable sources, of which 5.46 million were related to incentives, i.e. subsidies.

The rest of 37.11 million euros represented the market price of the produced electricity, according to the data of the Montenegrin Operator of the Electricity Market (COTEE) submitted to the Mina-business agency.

The companies Krnovo Green Energy – 17.84 million euros, Možura Wind Park – 11.66 million euros and Hidroenergija Montenegro – 3.38 million euros earned the most. Their incentives amounted to 2.8 million euros, 1.34 million euros and 271.67 thousand euros.

The total electricity produced by privileged investors is purchased by COTEE at subsidized prices.

According to COTEE data, privileged producers produced a total of 436.6 kWh of electricity in 11 months last year.

The Krnovo and Možura wind farms produced the most, 176.89 million kWh and 121.43 million kWh, respectively.

According to the data of COTEE, from 2014 to the end of last year, privileged producers earned a total of 188.65 million euros, of which 79.37 million euros were related to incentives.

Favored producers are VE Krnovo and Možura, small hydroelectric plants, as well as solar power plants.