Montenegro: TERNA CEO, Submarine power cable between Montenegro and Italy operative of 2018th

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Submarine power cable from Italy to Montenegro will be operational in 2018th, said executive director of Terna Giovanni Armani at the presentation of the business plan of the company from 2015th to 2019th.

However, only Montenegro and Italy will be connected by the power cable, it is planned to install the cables also towards other countries.

Setting the power cable towards our country goes as it is planned, claims Armani.

According to him, 140 kilometers of cable have been laid in the sea until now, which will be operational in 2018th, and the other arm of the cable will go from Pescara to France, which will be put into operation by 2019th.

The most important fact for Montenegro is that precisely we will got a bridge through which primarily we, but also other countries will offer its electricity to Italy, which could be further diverted to France or Greece if it comes to the announced possible connection with this countries.

Benefits for Montenegro are multi-million; primarily just our country is the main hub without witch the electricity transmission to European countries will not be able to be done. Also, the project implementation significantly improves the transmission network in Montenegro.