Montenegro: TERNA underwater power cable with Italy will reach ME coast 2H 2016

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The underwater power cable, project managed by TERNA Italy, should come out on the Montenegrin coast in the second half of next year, stated Executive Director of CGES Montenegrin Electric Transmission System MR. Ivan Bulatovic.

It should bear in mind that there may be a shift of deadlines in the case that testing of seabed through the Croatian territorial waters take longer than planned, as well as the acquisition of an additional cable. The first section of the cable for a length of 137 kilometers is set so that the laying of cable runs quickly, said Bulatovic.

He said that the substation 400/110/35Kv’’Lastva’’which shall be connected to the transmission line from Pljevlja, the existing transmission line Podgorica-Trebinje and undersea cable via the converter station are already working.

The contractor is on site and it is expected that there will be no greater delays and unforeseen events. As for the transmission of the Lastva to Ceva, unfortunately contractor is not yet on the ground, but the works are expected soon.Deadline for the beginning of works was 21 July.In the last phase is the design of project documentation, while our teams on the ground in cooperation with the Real Estate are working to provide access to upright positions and construction site. For line from Ceva to Pljevlja preparation of project documentation is in progress and expected quick start works, so it can be said that the dynamics of the construction of the complete transmission line from Lastva to Pljevlja is relatively good, considering the size and complexity of the project. Of course, from the perspective of management, which has clear deadlines, and even though they are employed in CGES constantly on the field always seems to be better, said Bulatovic.

TSO company CGES has good communication with Terna Montenegro and exchange of information on a daily basis.

We know that it resolved the question of cable crossing over Croatian territory, so now the Italian side is performing underwater testing and purchase of something greater cable lengths than originally anticipated, which in the end and should not jeopardize the foreseen dynamics of laying a cable, but complicates the situation on the ground, said Bulatovic. , transmits

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