Montenegro: The second block of TPP in Pljevlja is risking violation of environmental regulations

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A series of at least five new power plants planned in the Western Balkan countries is aspiring to join the European Union (EU) risk violating the law on pollution of Energy Community (EC), before they even start to produce electricity, has warned EU legal organization, Frank Bold. New thermal premises in the Balkans, including the second block TPP Pljevlja may violate EU law on pollution, warn international legal experts.

“According the fact that it takes about four years to build a power plant, all those which have not yet started with construction, will be completed only after 2018, and must have appropriate pollution control technology and processes to avoid unexpected additional costs,”  says in the statement of Frank Bold.

Experts and organizations have reported that analysis have showed that at least five power plants in the Western Balkans, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, may differ from significant parts of the European Directive relating to emissions, if they going to be build as predict the current plans.

Pipa Galop of the organization CEE Bankwatch Network believes that local governments still have big plans in the energy sector, “despite clear European trend of reducing of coal usage.”

“If these projects continue to be realized, compliance with the Directive on emissions of harmful gases is the minimum conditions that must be complied with someone who still adheres to investments in coal”, said Galop.

NGO Green Home is in cooperation with the organizations Frank Bold and CEE Bankwatch Network has submitted to the relevant institutions analyze of the decisions of the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community from 24th October last year, concerning the implementation of the EU Directive on Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and the implications of these decisions for new power plants in the Western Balkans, Moldova and Ukraine.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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