Montenegro: The tender for the construction of second block of TPP are passing Chinese, Czechs and Slovaks?

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On the list of companies and consortiums to which Montenegro Electric Company (EPCG) will negotiate the construction of a second block of TPP in Pljevlje will likely be found Chinese Powerchina Hubei Electric Power Survey and Design Institute, Slovak consortium Istroenergo Group and Czech Skoda Praha. Out of the nine companies that have applied for the job, the offer of the Russian company Rosatom Overseas was refused as incomplete.

Powerchina would build TPP of 220 megawatts for 269 MEUR, Slovakia Istroenergo Group offered 225 megawatts for 303 MEUR, and Škoda would finish second unit of 250 MW for 329 MEUR.

According to unofficial information , it is possible that the short list, which will be officially announced in mid-December, will be found another company out of the five registered Chinese companies and consortiums.

EPCG announced that they are still considering offers from the financial, technical and ecological point after which it will be announced with which company they will continue negotiations on the energy project.

Polish consortium consisting of Pol-Mot, Alstom and Foster Wheeler, according to current estimates, is unlikely to be selected for negotiations because of expensive offer. They offered to build a new power plant block of 300 MW for 520 MEUR.

Also Chinese companies China Gezouba Group International Engineering Company (CGGC), TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group, China National Electric Engineering (CNEEC) and China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) participate in the tender.

EPCG is planning to build 220-300 MW thermal power plant in Pljevlje, at site of the existing TPP. It is anticipated that the net electrical efficiency is not less than 38 percent, while with the project is planned and required the heating system of Pljevlje.

The project would be implemented through international agreement. Bidder’s obligations would be to provide a loan or that in a certain percentage with financing of the project, offers the option of joint ventures, or to be industrial and financial partner of EPCG for the project, as a shareholder or otherwise.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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