Montenegro, The value of imported electricity was 220.7 percent higher, and exported 166.6 percent, compared to nine months last year.

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In the total foreign trade trade in the first nine months, aluminum and electricity dominate, that is, Elektroprivreda and Uniprom.

Total foreign trade in goods amounted to 3.16 billion euros, which is 48.2 percent more compared to the same period of the previous year. The drastically increased value is to the greatest extent a consequence of the drastic increase in all prices. Goods worth 520.3 million euros were exported, which is 72.2 percent more compared to the comparative period. Imports were 44.2 percent higher and amounted to 2.64 billion euros.

The coverage of imports by exports amounted to 19.7 percent and is higher than the same period last year by 3.2 percent.


In the export structure, electricity is the most represented with 134.9 million euros. This is primarily a consequence of the shutdown of primary production in KAP and the drastic jump in electricity prices on international markets compared to the first eight months of last year. The value of imported electricity was 165.9 million euros. The fact that the value of exported electricity increased by 166.6 percent, and that of imported electricity by 220.7 percent, shows that it was imported when it was more expensive, and exported when it was cheaper.

Apart from electricity, aluminum dominates the export, with exports worth 132.3 million euros, which is an increase of 168.1.

Bauxite exports decreased by 18.2 percent to 32.9 million euros, while coal exports doubled to 7.7 million.

Food exports increased by 27.3 percent to EUR 29.2 million, of which meat increased by 50 percent to EUR 17.7 million, and fruit and vegetables fell by two percent to EUR 7.3 million.

EUR 159 million was invested in the import of road vehicles, ie 49.4 percent more, and EUR 102.9 million was invested in electrical machines, apparatus and devices.

Change of partner

294.3 million euros were given for the import of fuel, which is 108.1 percent higher, which is mostly the result of large jumps in fuel prices on world markets.

Food imports were worth 465.6 million euros, which is 32 percent more. 99 million euros were paid for meat, an increase of 39.7 percent, while the import of vegetables and fruits amounted to 67.9 million euros, a 23.1 percent increase. The import of cereals and cereal products amounted to 70.8 million euros and is 35.9 percent higher.

The largest export partners were Switzerland with 104.8 million euros, Serbia with 103.4 million euros and BiH with 69.9 million euros, and in imports Serbia with 451 million euros, China with 238.6 million euros and Greece with 221, 6 million euros, Analitika writes.

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