Montenegro: TPP Pljevlja celebrated 32 years of operation

, SEE Energy News

Thermal power plant “Pljevlja” produced the first kilowatts (kWh) of electricity exactly 32 years ago, on October 21st, 1982nd. This year’s score of 980 GWh of delivered electricity, which represents 95 percent of the plan, also confirms the strategic importance of TPP “Pljevlja” for stability of Montenegrin power system. TPP “Pljevlja” has produced about 30 000 GWh of electricity since the commissioning.

After more than three decades this manufacturing facility still justifies the position of the power system pole. This year, we expect that the production plan be achieved, considering the needs of the electricity market and the reliable operation of the power plant”, said Director of TPP Luka Jovanovic.

The past decade is significant for investment in TPP “Pljevlja”, worth over 50 MEUR, which led to increase of the plant reliability and annual production. With final reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators in TPP “Pljevlja”, which was completed four years ago, it was reduced the concentration of particles in the flue gases to only 20-25 mg / m 3, which is significantly below EU standards which prescribes the limit value of 50 mg / 3.

We, in power utility EPCG and TPP “Pljevlja”, work continuously to neutralize potentially negative effects of the current coal ash and slag on the environment. By the end of the year it will be implemented important project, worth about 8.2 MEUR, by which will be achieved absolute stability of the dam “Maljevac”. Precisely thanks to continuous investment, EPCG minimized negative effects, which is testified by the fact that the surface from which blew dust was reduced by about 80 percent, and this also show the data of Eco toxicological Institute, as well as reports of the World Bank. The work on the rehabilitation of the main pipeline accumulation “Otilovici” – TPP “Pljevlja” has been completed recently and project value was over 1.6 MEUR”, concluded Luka Jovanovic, Director of TPP.