Montenegro: TPP Pljevlja new unit contractor Skoda & Power utility EPCG to guarantee environment BAT

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EPCG Management, carrying out activities on behalf of the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) which will be established in the future, based on the decision of the Board of Directors, held a first meeting with representatives of the company Skoda Praha, the first-ranked bidder for the construction of Unit II of TPP “Pljevlja” it was announced from EPCG.

We recall that Skoda Praha, based on the submitted economic and technical data, is the first ranked company of 9 bidders interested in this project. With representatives of the Czech Company will be continued negotiations on all elements of a future agreement concluded in case of realization of this investment.

On the other hand EPCG will continue search activities with advisor UniCredit in finding and selecting potential partners that participated in the investment for the second unit of TPP Pljevlja. “The company Skoda Praha has offered the construction of Unit II of power output of 254 MW of electricity with an efficiency of 39.5 percent per a cost of 338.5 MEUR while annual production of electricity was 1.600GWh. The new unit will meet all the most demanding conditions of modern technology (BAT), the good practices of European countries and protecting the environment to all EU directives”, it is concluded in the statement.