Montenegro: Unbundling of Electricity Company EPCG business

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The deadline for “Supply” separation from power company EPCG is 90 days after the adoption of the law. Proposal Bill in Parliament in procedure.

Legal separation of “Distributions” from Electric Power Industry of Montenegro (EPCG) has to be completed within three months from the adoption of the new Law on Energy, stated from the Ministry of Economy.

Regulatory Energy Agency (RAE) in a report on the situation in the energy sector for the last year stated that the legal unbundling of EPCG and its functional parts “Distributions” should be completed in 2011th, and they have repeatedly insisted this work to be completed.

Legal separation is one of the most important preconditions for the development of the electricity market in Montenegro, namely appearance of other suppliers and competition. Government determined Draft of the new Energy Law at the end of July and it should come before the delegates during the fall session of the Assembly.

“EPCG has long intensified work on the project of separating Distributions in order to find the best model for the functioning of the new company. The whole separation process follows RAE. Besides, the Ministry of Economy, due to the fact that separation has not yet been legally completed, has foreseen by the new Energy Law that the whole legal separation must be completed within 90 days after the adoption of the Law. The Energy Community, whose member Montenegro is since the establishment, is also familiar with this”, said in the Ministry.

They added to be informed that it has been done functional separation, and that it would be legal soon. They also state that the Distribution is ready now to fulfill all obligations of distribution system operators if it appears any independent supplier in the Montenegrin market.

“We recall the Montenegrin electricity market was open for the companies in 2009th and since January this year for households. However, no one showed interest in the electricity supply, except EPCG and Montenegro bonus”, said in the Ministry.

Montenegro bonus supplies just KAP Aluminum company. In EPCG believe that others did not appear due to low electricity prices. , transmits

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