Montenegro: Why does Terna keep quiet on Montenegro KAP electricity issue?

6. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

European network of operators has sent a warning to Italian “Terna”, the owner of 22% of Montenegrin transmission system CGES, that illegal supply of Aluminum Combine Podgorica KAP can cause dramatic consequences.

As medias report, daily consumption of KAP is around 2 thousand MWH what costs 7,2 million EUR since 22 February since when CGES uses electricity directly from interconnection network.

European network asked for explanation why CGES unrightfully takes energy from European interconnection. CGES and Terna employees didn’t want to speak out.

“EU Transmission Network does not understand why Terna didn’t try to stop them or to inform them that electricity is being taken from European interconnection for KAP”, it is stated from EPCG.

Terna is also a member of European Operators’ Network because of which the warning was also sent to her.

EPCG has got a letter from CGES where electricity system of the state is stated to be endangered with rebalance caused with illegal consumption (without supplier) of KAP.

EPCG provided CGES the energy necessary for confident work of transmission system until finding the final solution.

It is stressed in EPCG that this decision is temporary and that it will last only three weeks.

Source CDM

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