New charges against Srbijagas CEO Dusan Bajatovic

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State auditing office (DRI) has submitted a request for launching infringement procedure against Dusan Bajatovic to Magistrates Court in Novi Sad.

New request for launching the infringement procedure against Director of Srbijagas, Dusan Bajatovic, is referring to disrespect to certain articles in the Trade Law and Law for Foreign Exchange- it was published on DRI’s website.

New request was submitted after the analysis of reports from financial reports’ inspection and business orders in “Srbijagas” Novi Sad for 2011 by legal team.

DRI has filed criminal charges to Basic Public Prosecution in Novi Sad for industrial violation against the Company’s Director Bajatovic, Executive Director for Financial Business Gordana Fratric and Leader of the Financial Accounting in Belgrade Miroslav Dimitrijevic, because of disrespect to certain articles of the Law for Accounting and Inspection.

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