New finance project of KfW Bank in Serbian power plants

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Reconstruction of the system of collection, transport and disposal of ash and slag TENT A was the topic of yesterday’s meeting between the representatives of German KfW bank and the management team of TENT and EPS.

It is about serious and demanding environmental project, which will, through the thick slurry system on all six units at TENT A, prevent the ash being raised by the wind from the disposal site to the environment.

Upon completion of this project TENT will make a significant and direct contribution to a reduction of local pollution, so that Obrenovac will have much healthier environment than it used to have until now. Feasibility study and preliminary design were done a year ago by “Energoprojekt” from Belgrade and the Mining Institute, which was the basic prerequisite to attract a reputable partner such as KfW for its implementation. According to the calculations, the new ash handling system TENT A should cost between EUR 45 and EUR 50 million, said on the occasion Petar Knezevic, director of TENT.

Reminding that the KfW bank has been present in the Electric Power Industry of Serbia for many years, Knezevic added:

-In EPS we had a number of projects financed and helped by them. Realization of a three-year project is coming to an end, and that isoptimization of the combustion process