New hydro power plants in Montenegro will influence the electricity price

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The construction of hydro power plants on Moraca river will influence the overall financial systemof Montenegro, and citizens would feel this thru cheaper electricity.

Montenegro minister of economy Branko Vujovic says that the price of electricity which will come from hydro power plants would be lower even for one part needed for its grid transfer.

The overall benefit for Montenegro financial system is expected as all payments would go via domestic banks while domestic companies would be engaged on construction of roads, damns and infrastructure.

This project would be completed with BOT system which means that after the concession period of 30 years the facility would become Montenegro property. The concessioner is obliged to reconstruct the damns and facility after the contracted period, stated Vujovic and added that the working life of facilities are a lot more than 30 years.

Despite all potentials of hydro potentials exploration public opinion and different stakeholder groups are divided over topic of construction in Moraca river. Also there is still an issue with road transport connection with northern part of the country, with Serbia and Europe as well as current road thru Platije will not be used anymore and for highway Bar-Boljare the main contractor investor is still not located.

Source Serbia-energy