New hydro power plants on Ibar river

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More than 20 years no hydro power plant is not build in Serbia. Italian company Secci energy and Electric Power of Serbia will be construct ten new hydro power plants on Ibar river. The value of the investment is 300 mill euros.

In lower part of Ibar river will not be anymore fast mountain river, but connected system of acommulation lakes for ten new hydro power plants. The biggest hydro power plant, height of 27m above the water level will be constructed at Maglic.

Its installed power will be 13,6MW. The smallest with least accumulations will be constructed at small village of Usce with net power of 10,4MW. The complete water system in Ibarska canyon will be long 18km and its not planed to have some additional water supply reserves.

According to Nebojsa Stefanovic, coordinator for Urban space planning for Ibar hydro power plants, beside future damns and accumulations it was planed to have different zones for different usage where construction of some buildings will also be possible.

Installed power of all hydro power plants on Ibar will be 103MW, each produced kwh will be exported as planed.

Dejan Divac, the design engineer in Jaroslav Cerni institute says that for next 15 years Serbia and Secci will be exporting this electricity and with bigger prices than in Serbian current or future market, 150 euro/mw.

The citizens of one of the villages Usce are expecting that this new hydro power plants projects will bring new jobs.

However one of the many who opposes the projects of Secci on Ibar river in Kraljevo is Environmental movement from Kraljevo, their manager Pavlovic says that this investment will bring environmental disaster and many other problems in all communities. The investor can expect many problems and opposition once they start, they are too late in establishing a trust with local communities.

Hydro power plant will influence eco system, wild life and environment. The opposition against Secci projects are saying that Ibar valley is actually more suitable for wind projects, the net power in this area would give more MW than hydro power MW.

Source RTS