New procurement rules in Serbia public supply system

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Negotiation procedure in public supplies will be exception, not rule. More than a third of all jobs from last year were agreed without an announced tender and competitiveness among bidders.

According to the new Law for Public Supplies, the Direction for Public Supplies will approve performance of these procedures and it is messaged from this institution that they will be very harsh.

Almost a half, 48 percent of all last year’s negotiation procedures was performed with previously known performer.

-Negotiation procedures have achieved big proportions last year- Predrag Jovanovic, Director of Direction for Public Supply, warned when he was presenting new law solution to businessmen in Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

-We are warning our purchasers that we’ll put the maximal effort to decrease negotiation procedures. We’ll approve them only to the most necessary cases.

The new law has decided to deal with “professional appealers”, companies that lay down tenders with ungrounded appeals. If it turns that appeal is rejected three times, they will have to pay 80.000 to million dollars.

Public supplies can and have to be planned more seriously now. Purchasers, totally 10.000 of them, will have to deliver plans of annual shopping to Direction for Public Supplies and State Auditor Institutions until 31 January.

-The explanation for necessity of supply must be in the plan- Danijela Bokan from Direction for Public Supplies explains. –Purchasers have to estimate value of purchase carefully because it will be able to increase only 10% a year.