No building of damns on Lim river without Montenegro consent, Brodarevo HPPs in between cross border dispute of Serbia and Montenegro

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Study of Brodarevo 1 and 2 projects influence estimations hasn’t been delivered to Montenegro Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism yet, was stated in the Montenegro Ministry.

Notification of participation possibility in overboard consultations, according to international rules, hasn’t been delivered either.

“Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism will contact the focal point of Espoo center in Serbia and ask if Montenegro can be consulted. It will also ask for delivery of Study about project influence estimation and other relevant documents in order to have possibility to comment them”, was stated in Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

Montenegro will insist on overboard consultations and take all legal and administrative measures predicted with international contracts and domestic legislative.

“Further steps are defined with legal frame in case of not delivering Study to Montenegro, they suggest Espoo Convention Department interfering in the concrete case”, it was stated in Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

Convention about estimation of influence on environment in cross border influence context – Espoo obligates foreign contracting parties to take all legal, administrative or other measures, which are coming from Convention, individually or jointly. These measures refer to certain activities that can cause significant overboard influence. Convention defines procedures of environment influence estimation which enables public participation and document preparation.

Espoo Convention intends to prevent, reduce and limit possible damageable cross border influence caused with suggested activity, i.e. project. Both Serbia and Montenegro are Espoo Convention’s contract sides.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine