North Macedonia, Additional 25 million euros for the ESM – a total of 175 million euros in 2022.

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With the decision that came into force on December 21, the government in Skopje transferred an additional 25 million euros from the budget to the account of the state electricity producer, AD ESM, to overcome the energy crisis.

In less than a month, the ESM was granted more than 35 million euros of budget money. Earlier, on November 29, the government approved 11.5 million euros to ESM.

In August, EUR 50 million was transferred to the ESM for the same purpose. At the beginning of the year – in January and February, the government repeatedly allocated a total of 80 million euros to the ESM. During November, ESM Prodaja received 7.7 million euros to subsidize electricity for companies in the food sector, schools and water companies.

This means that 175 million euros were spent this year from the budget to resolve the consequences of the energy crisis.

Domestic production cannot even remotely cover consumption and losses in the country, which is why ESM continued to buy electricity from private suppliers during December.

ESM will sell electricity to the universal supplier EVN Home in the first half of next year at a price of 56 euros per MWh, to cover the total estimated consumption. It is about 16% higher than the price achieved in the previous tender of the universal supplier (for the period July – December 2022), when ESM offered a purchase price of 48 euros per MWh.

Whether electricity will become more expensive for end customers will be known after the decision of the Energy Regulatory Commission, which should be adopted by the end of the year.