North Macedonia, BEG’s production license revoked

, SEE Energy News

North Macedonian Energy Regulatory Commission (RKE) has revoked the thermal energy production license held by Balkan Energy Group (BEG), the provider of district heating services in the capital Skopje.

The statement from the regulator said that BEG itself requested the termination of the production license due to issues with liquidity and the numerous lawsuits filed against the company. RKE also revoked BEG’s licenses for the distribution and supply of thermal energy.

RKE Chairman Marko Bislimoski said that the Government will soon launch a tender for the selection of the new district heating services provider in the capital.

In January, state-owned power utility ESM has taken over the management of BEG at the order of the Energy Regulatory Commission (RKE) in order to overcome the crisis with the provision of district heating services in Skopje. ESM took over three BEG entities (Production, Distribution and Supply), as well as district heating provider Skopje Sever.

Previously, BEG was supplied with thermal energy by TE-TO Skopje, which operated at full capacity only during weekdays. During weekends, when electricity price is lower, TE-TO suspended its operation, which meant that the citizens of Skopje were left without heating over the weekend.