North Macedonia, Daily production of ESM 19 GWh

, SEE Energy News

The production of Macedonian state power plants, AD ESM, was close to 19,000 MWh per day until Saturday evening, which was enough to cover the total consumption on the regulated market, i.e. the demand of households and small consumers as well as the largest part of additional supply, in accordance with the government’s decision. This means that only a small part of the required electricity is imported. After the inclusion of the third unit of TPP Bitolj, an additional increase in production is planned, according to the ESM press release.

The transformer for Block 3 REK Bitolj was delivered to the power plant circuit, according to ESM. The installation will follow, and the start of production is expected in the next ten days. This opens up the possibility that all three units of REK Bitolj, as well as other power plants, will operate at maximum capacity in January, it added.

However, the Oslomej thermal power plant was shut down on Saturday evening due to a problem with a fan in the ash removal section, which led to a minor fire, ESM said later.

It is expected that the power plant will be back in operation as soon as possible. The stoppage will not cause a shortage of electricity in the system, and consumption will be covered by other production capacities, ESM says.