North Macedonia, Electricity production from renewable energy sources increased by 14.7 %

, SEE Energy News

According to the data published by the North Macedonian Energy Regulatory Commission (RKE), electricity production from renewable energy sources increased by 14.7 % in 2021, while the share of renewable energy in total electricity production rose from 29.2 % to 31.4 %.

The installed capacity of North Macedonia’s solar, wind, small and large hydro, biogas and biomass power plants amounted to 795 MW at the end of 2021. These produced a total of 1.662 GWh of electricity last year.

Large hydropower plant accounted for the majority of the output – 68 %, followed by small hydropower plants with 19 % and wind farms with 6 %. The highest annual increase in production was observed at solar power plants (38 %) and large hydropower plants (10 %).

In 2021, a total of 49 new renewable energy production facilities were commissioned: 48 solar power plants and one small hydropower plant. SHPP had an installed capacity of 0.2 MW, while combined installed capacity of solar power plants amounted to 14 MW.

On the other hand, electricity production from coal, natural gas and fuel oil dropped in 2021. Although fossil fuels are accounted for 68.5 % of total electricity production in North Macedonia (3,622 MW produced in 2021), a 17.1 % drop in production compared to 2020 was recorded.