North Macedonia, ESM bought 40.6 GWh for 16.3 million euros for delivery in December

, SEE Energy News

Macedonia’s state electricity supplier, ESM Prodaja, says it bought 40,600 MWh for delivery in December. According to the order of the government in Skopje, 16.319 million euros were spent on the purchase, excluding VAT.

The company states that it was necessary to contract additional quantities of electricity to supply three categories of consumers – the food industry, primary and secondary schools and public water supply companies.

Also, during November, ESM imported electricity on five occasions, for which more than 20 million euros were spent. The company previously announced that in December it will work with a higher capacity and import smaller amounts of electricity.

This year, 150 million euros of budget money was transferred to the ESM to overcome the energy crisis. This amount does not include last year’s state aid for ESM, as well as the funds that the state electricity producer received for ensuring the supply of thermal energy.