North Macedonia: ESM had to import electricity

, SEE Energy News

North Macedonian state-owned power utility ESM was forced to import 3.43 million euros worth of electricity via its subsidiary ESM Trade, due to the unfavorable hydrological situation in North Macedonia, which affected domestic electricity production. A total of 62,450 MWh were imported, at an average price of 53.53 euros/MWh. So far in 2020, ESM has sold surplus electricity for 6.2 million euros.

In early November, The Government of North Macedonia said that electricity production has decreased due to poor hydrological conditions and the country is forced to import electricity in order to meet domestic consumption. The statement from the Government said that, given that according to all indicators and comparative averages in the past 15 years, 2020 is extremely bad in terms of hydrological conditions, and due to more intensive work of hydropower plants in recent months due to problems at TPP Bitola, the water level at the accumulations is nearing the technical minimum and any further usage will endanger the ecological minimum, necessary for the wildlife preservation.

ESM said that it was still early to talk about new prices for 2021, adding that the existing six-month contract between ESM and the universal supplier EVN is valid until the end of the year. The price for the first three months of next year will be known by mid-December.