North Macedonia, ESM imported electricity for 20 million euros in December

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In December, AD ESM purchased or contracted the import of electricity with a total value of 19.6 million euros. ESM Prodaja has published contracts that are valid until the end of the month, that is, until January 1, 2023, but there is room for concluding a new contract in the last days of this year.

Of this amount, the most money – 11.7 million euros was paid to the newly founded Albanian company ETMT Energy. They are followed by Slovenian GEN-I with just under 4.5 million euros, Energy Financing Team with 1.57 million euros, Duferko with 1.4 million euros and Danske Commodities with just over 250,000 euros.

If there are no additional imports, the value of electricity imports in December will be lower than in November, when ESM paid more than 22 million euros for delivery over 23 days.

In November, ESM started buying electricity on the free market, and in less than two months, 44 million euros were spent.

In December, the Macedonian electric power system was working with almost all capacities, except for the third block of REK Bitolj, where the installation of a new transformer is expected in the coming days. On Saturday evening, a fire broke out in REK Oslomej and it is not known when this thermal power plant will be connected to the grid again.

In ESM, they point out that new consumers, such as companies from the food industry, schools and water companies, have been added to the clients of ESM Prodaja by the government’s decision. The result is higher costs for purchasing electricity on the free market.