North Macedonia, ESM increased production by 50 percent in January and February, to 1.04 TWh

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Macedonian electricity production in the first two months of this year increased by 50 percent. As announced by the Macedonian state electricity producer AD ESM, the production plan was fully fulfilled in January and February 2023.

Power plants owned by the company produced a total of 1,037,333 MWh of electricity in this period, which represents an increase compared to the same period last year by 49.97 percent, i.e. by 78.5 percent compared to January and February 2021, according to ESM – a.

The company adds that the increase in electricity production in state-owned power plants has enabled ESM Prodaja to significantly reduce the purchase of electricity on the stock exchanges.

ESM Prodaja, which procures electricity for the supply of hospitals, schools, public utility companies, part of the production capacity and other consumers in the country, in the first two months of this year bought only 14,980 MWh on the market. For the period from January 4 to 5, ESM Prodaja purchased 7,300 MWh, and last weekend 7,680 MWh of electricity was purchased, ESM points out.

The announcement adds that in the height of the heating season, all available production capacities were put into operation in order to increase domestic production and successfully overcome the energy crisis. Electricity restrictions are still not an option and AD ESM aims to create preconditions for stabilizing or reducing the price of electricity.

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